A Canvas Original…

In 1996, the Ultra Thin Pizza Shells Company was formed to showcase this great tasting product and created the demand in foodservice for a high-quality, consistent, and original culinary canvas. The Ultra Thin Pizza Shell eliminated the hassles of scratch preparations, costly equipment, additional kitchen space, labor, and training, which have even more relevance to foodservice operations today.

Each par-baked shell bakes to a crispy bottom, holds exceptionally well and can be prepared in all types of cooking equipment. Ultra Thin Pizza Shells are available in different sizes ranging from 7” to 16” and are manufactured in their state-of-the-art facility located in Garden City Park, New York. We serve all foodservice operators including national chains and the single location family restaurant.

Joe Salamone Sitting Down
Founder: Nonno Joseph Salamone

HACCP Compliant…

In everything we create, quality is the main ingredient; therefore, we maintain a Food & Drug Administration’s HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) compliant facility.

NSF-Cook & Thurber Compliant…

As part of our ongoing commitment to Food Quality, Food Safety and Plant Integrity, we are audited annually by NSF-Cook & Thurber. NSF-Cook & Thurber is the leading provider of comprehensive food safety services for the food, beverage, animal feed, and packaging industries.

Corporate and Social Responsibility


Ultra Thin Pizza Shells & Flatbreads recognizes its responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner that ensures the long term viability of the natural resources utilized for the production of our products and the protection of the environment within which we operate. To that end, we have implemented our sustainability program in our operations. To ensure we maximize our full potential, we have contracted with companies to cart away, re-use, and recycle our dough scraps and cardboard. We continuously search for ways to reduce our footprint in electricity and waste.


Ultra Thin strives for a balance between economic and environmental sustainability. All species and habitats play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Ultra Thin supports projects that contribute to the protection of biodiversity which we recognize as an essential component of responsible environmental and natural resource management. We combine shipping of products through re-distribution, eliminating about 90% of our LTL traffic. We believe that conservation and protection is fundamental to both quality of life and economic well-being, both now and in the future. We look to create products that are natural, and contain no hazards to man or nature.

Fair Working Conditions

We treat our workers fairly and provide them with competitive compensation and benefits. Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics policy reflects our commitment to adhere to the principles of social accountability. We promote a culture of diversity and are dedicated to nurturing an environment where each employee is respected regardless of race, culture, religion, nationality, sexual preference or beliefs. Freedom of association is a fundamental right of all our employees worldwide, guaranteed by internal company policies and procedures

We commit to the following goals and guidelines:

Meet or exceed the requirements of relevant laws, regulations, and codes of practice. Balance the use of agrichemicals, consistent with the need to control pests and disease and the need to maintain production. Integrated Pest Management Schemes will continue to be the cornerstone of our pest management practices throughout our operations. Conserve raw materials and non-renewable natural resources by eliminating or reducing waste, and by recycling and reusing materials and natural resources. Protect the biodiversity of sensitive areas within and near our operations, including a commitment that virgin forest areas will not be exploited in the establishment of new agricultural production. Collaborate with our independent and associate growers to improve their own environmental performance by encouraging them to meet our standards and by assisting our growers’ environmental improvement efforts. Continuously improve environmental management systems by monitoring environmental performance and by integrating environmental considerations into our business decision and planning activities. Work cooperatively with responsible outside organizations, suppliers and our customers to improve our collective abilities to protect the environment.

Causes We Love!

Since 1996, Ultra Thin Pizza Shells & Flatbreads Company has dedicated itself to supporting certain charitable organizations located regionally and nationally. Over the past 18 years, Ultra Thin Pizza Shell and Flatbreads Company has made annual financial donations as well as time and product donations to these well respected charities. It is the mission of the company and management to continue to support these charities in future years.