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The artistry unfolds from a family recipe…

The artistry unfolds from a family recipe…

Nonno Joseph Salamone, a native of Northern Italy was a culinary artist – who recognized the importance of starting with a phenomenally flavorful and high-quality slate. We credit him for the original Ultra Thin Pizza Shell recipe he created for his most discerning audience—his family and friends. For years, he and his family were the only ones who enjoyed his Ultra Thin Pizza Shells. In 1996, the culinary world was invited into the fold. Nonno Salamone’s inspired his grandson Doug Bronsky, along with business partner Cherise Kramer, to found a food company based on the same family principles. Initially the company became known as The Ultra Thin Ready to Bake Pizza Shells Company, located in Long Island, New York. It eventually expanded to become the Ultra Thin Pizza Shells & Flatbreads Company that we know today.

A Canvas Original…

Each par-baked shell bakes to a crispy bottom, holds exceptionally well and can be prepared in all types of cooking equipment. Ultra Thin Pizza Shells are available in different sizes ranging from 7” to 16” and are manufactured in their state-of-the-art facility located in Deer Park, New York. We serve all foodservice operators including national chains and the single location family restaurant.

Since 1996, Ultra Thin Pizza Shells & Flatbreads Company has dedicated itself to supporting certain charitable organizations located regionally and nationally. Over the past 18 years, Ultra Thin Pizza Shell and Flatbreads Company has made annual financial donations as well as time and product donations to these well respected charities. It is the mission of the company and management to continue to support these charities in future years

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