Untopped Sourdough

Texture: Bakes to Crispy Bottom, Golden Brown, Moist, Tender Inside
Ingredients: White flour, water, hemp flour, sugar, salt, garlic, canola/extra virgin olive oil, hulled hemp seed, molasses
Shelf Life: 12 months frozen (-10° F), once thawed, 3-6 days refrigerated
Allergens: Processed in Facility with Wheat
Ovens: Deck; Conveyor; Range; Rotating; Convection; Char Grill
Cook Times: 5 – 7 minutes @ 475°F
Menu: Bake in Oven on Wire Rack
Foodservice: Appetizer, Entrée, Bar Food, Pizza, Take-Out


CodeSizeCase Ct.Crust Wt.Case Wt.Nutrition Facts
63287271210312”711 oz. 5 lbsClick Here


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