Original Thin Crust


1/16” Thin

The original thin crust was developed and perfected after years of research as an alternative to thicker pizza crusts. This par-baked crust has proven to increase sales by not only becoming a signature dish on menus, but because of its daypart versatility – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert pizzas. Awarded the Buyers’ Choice Award, you and your guests will agree it is the BEST Thin Crust on the market!

Texture: Bakes to a crispy bottom, golden brown, moist, tender inside
Ingredients: Mixed wheat flour, water, canola/extra virgin olive oil, sugar, salt, garlic, yeast
Shelf Life: 12 months frozen (-10° F), once thawed, 3-6 days refrigerated
Allergen: Contains: Wheat
Ovens: Deck, Conveyor, Range, Rotating, Convection, Char Grill
Cook Times: 3 minutes – 5 minutes @ 500-525°F
Menu: Traditional; Grilled; Stuffed; Dessert; Breakfast; Appetizer; Entrée; Bread Basket; Chip; Flatbread
Foodservice: Full Service, Quick Service, B&I, Hotels, Schools, Kiosks, Cafeteria, Resorts, Multi-Unit, Fine Dining


Also available in Whole Wheat Blend

CodeSizeCase Ct.Crust Wt.Case Wt.Nutrition Facts
0071007”502.5 oz. 8.75 lbsClick Here
0091049”503.5 oz. 11.75 lbsClick Here
01010010”504.0 oz.12.25 lbsClick Here
01210412”506.0 oz.15.95 lbsClick Here
01410814”508.5 oz.27.25 lbsClick Here
01610216”5010.5 oz. 34.50 lbsClick Here


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