Artisan Flatbread

Texture: Bakes to crispy bottom, golden brown, moist, tender inside
Ingredients: Mixed wheat flour, water, canola/extra virgin olive oil, sugar, salt, garlic, yeast
Shelf Life: 12 months frozen (-10° F), once thawed, 3-6 days refrigerated
Allergens: Contains: Wheat
Ovens: Deck; Conveyor; Range; Rotating; Convection; Char Grill
Cook Times: 3 minutes – 5 minutes @ 500-525°F
Menu: Traditional; Grilled; Stuffed; Dessert; Breakfast; Appetizer; Entrée; Bread Basket; Chip; Flatbread
Foodservice: Full Service; Quick Service; B&I; Hotels; Schools; Kiosks; Cafeteria; Resorts; Multi-Unit; Fine Dining


CodeSizeCase Ct.Crust Wt.Case Wt.Nutrition Facts
01110711” Oval504.0 oz.11 lbsClick Here
12121912” x 12″ Sq.407.5 oz. 22 lbsClick Here
17510616” x 5″ Rec.1004.3 oz. 25 lbsClick Here


1/8” Thin

The traditional is a par-baked crust designed to replicate a real NY hand tossed pizza crust and is slightly thicker than the Original Thin Crust pizza shell. This pizza crust proved to be a real hit for those operators looking to add this type of pizza to their menus. Designed to bake in all types of ovens for a crisp finish. The Traditional crust has proven so popular we have created it in a variety of sizes to accommodate all facets of the foodservice industry: including quick-serve restaurants, hotels, and fine dining. From individual sizes to family size, this “Crust Is a Must!”


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